Hi there beautiful soul, welcome to my online heart space. 

My name is Ginger Parker; I’m an Intuitive Life Coach + Soul Illuminator. I support my clients by shining a bright + loving light on the parts of their souls they cannot see. After 10 years in the beauty industry, helping my clients to feel externally beautiful, I now offer a different kind of beauty service. My spirit was craving more meaning + deeper connection to those I work with, so I refocused my vision to helping women cultivate their internal beauty. 

The work I do now is powerful and immensely gratifying. You see, feeling gorgeous on the outside certainly has its value and I will never discount that, BUT being in alignment with your inner beauty is where the magic + eternal beauty is fully expressed. I serve my clients by diving into the depths of their being and together we establish internal beauty routines in the form of mindset overhauls, getting clear on their passion + purpose, and releasing that which no longer serves their highest and greatest good. 

I offer you the Ultimate Makeover.

Beauty on Spiritual Steroids.

I combine energy healing modalities such as Reiki + Crystal Healing to help my clients bust through low vibrational energy. I offer them spiritual tools, plant medicine, and so much more. Clients who are beginners or curious about the esoteric benefit greatly because they come away empowered with knowledge + new experience; When I work with women who are well on their journey, so much magic transpires with our combined spiritual paths! It’s my absolute passion + pleasure to help my fellow women rise and watch them harness their stunning + breathtaking inner beauty. Their lives improve in all areas but particularly our work together sees them make leaps and bounds in their connection to themself + higher self, their relationship with their significant other, and in their career/soul’s path.

Learning + remembering how to love yourself is the single greatest gift you can bestow upon the world + those around you. It will continue serving the highest and greatest good of all, long after you’ve had your last breath. If our magnificent world has any chance for peace + harmony, this is the work that must be done. It’s deep work, scary work, joyful work, uncomfortable work, gratifying work - it encompasses all the feels. You come from a place of infinite love and that love resides in you in this very moment and every moment. You simply need to remember the way back to yourself and I support you every step of the way. 

If you are interested in this type of transformation and up-leveling your inner beauty, check out the Work With Me page to check out my latest offering or send me an email; I’d love to chat with you and I’d be honored to support you to Awaken Your Spirit.


Blessed Be,