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I’ve been feeling rather stuck when thinking about my purpose. What on Earth am I here to do? I have an incessant call to be more spiritual and incorporate that into my career path. I started my website and blog. I began creating Nizhóní Bowls. I’m taking metaphysical courses and accumulating certifications. But what’s my end game and how the hell am I supposed to figure that out? Well I could meditate for hours and days on end… and that sounds nice and all but, I am victim of this instant gratification world. So I decided I needed to enlist help - I needed to talk to someone who is an expert on these mystical endeavors.

I discovered Natalie Walstein of Soulshine Astrology. I’d been following her business account on Instagram for some time, but I became ignited to Natalie’s offerings during the Crystal Mastery Conference put on by Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy. After listening to her be interviewed by Ashley Leavy, I knew I needed to hear more from Natalie.

I began listening to her podcast The Cosmic Calling. She advertised that she designed a course specifically for spiritually oriented entrepreneurs and that her course would help me discover my Cosmic Calling through dissecting my astrological chart. I was elated and immediately went to her website to learn more. The course involved one on one video conferences with her, once a week, for six weeks. These would be hour long convos all about helping me figure out my purpose!! PERFECT!

So, I filled out the form and sent it off to this magical woman and I COULD NOT WAIT to hear back from her. (Aries is my Sun sign...soooooo I’m not exactly the most patient human) Luckily, I got a response very quickly and set everything up.

My first phone call with her was…


Natalie plugged in my birth info and made me a beautiful astrological chart. She has such a gentle and warm energy about her and I loved the way in which she educated me about my chart from the career standpoint. She also created a Mind Map that really broke down how I express myself best, how I’m meant to do my job, my main role, and when I’m happiest in my profession. It was DEAD ON - completely inarguable!

My second phone call was… unpleasant.

We were discussing getting clear about my mission and how I would convey it to the world. Well… I was in a low and negative mind space that day. I was PMSing HARD and feeling extra sensitive and emotional. I even cried on our conference call (UGH!!). I was feeling so overwhelmed about figuring all this out! How was I supposed to do this in one weeks time?! Also, the negative self talk was making itself right at home in the forefront of my mind: “Who do you think you are trying to do this?!” “Other people are doing similar things and they are are far more smart/spiritual/pretty/etc - give up LOSER!” I was spiraling. Of course Natalie picked up on my shit energy. She told me that I needed to take more time for myself. She recommended I start seeing fewer clients a day, so that I could do me self-care. She basically told me that if I don’t do this, I would never get to where I want to be. It sucked to hear that and I sunk even further into my pity party.

But, it was the TRUTH. And sometimes the truth is a hard pill to swallow. I’m pretty sure it was a horse pill that got lodged sideways in my throat… I spent three whole days in my downward slump. Then something shifted. I did not like how the ugly was growing inside me, so  I made the conscious decision to feel better. I decided that I needed to take action and stop feeling so fucking sorry for myself. Then it came to me that, yes! I absolutely needed to take less clients. I decided the by January 2019 I would start working from home. Called up the hubs and talked with him about it and he was 100% on board.

Once I made this choice, everything felt significantly better and like I was in charge. (A feeling that really strokes my Aries Sun and Capricorn Rising). I also decided that my next phone call with Natalie would be a good one. After all, I spent damn good money on myself signing up for this workshop and I would squeeze every ounce of growth and positivity out of it. Period. So my third phone call was…


I was much more grounded and centered. We talked about setting up back end operations as well as exploring my offerings in more depth. Natalie was loving and enthusiastic during our call and was glad to hear that I had devised a way to create more space for myself and Nizhóní Soul. And by golly, so was I!!

I’m half way through my sessions. Just three more to go! I’m excited to see what else I uncover and continue to learn.

On November 26th, I will post another blog about my last three sessions and how they went - Stay Tuned!!

Blessed Be ~


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