What's Your Transformation Worth?


We spend money on quick fixes hoping to improve our lives + wellbeing. 

We purchase items or experiences that we think will somehow magically make us feel better about ourselves or make us feel complete/ more lovable/ healthier/ etc. These surface level things we buy i.e. makeup, a spa day, clothes... or even purchases like health food/supplements, gym memberships, juicers, etc. are not able to induce the deep change we are longing for. And look, I am in no way shape or form saying not to buy the lip gloss that makes your pout look kissable AF or stop drinking turmeric lattes - these things are important!


They are not able to create long term self-confidence, self-love, or soul level well being. When you embark on the journey to becoming the best version of yourself, you gotta saddle the fuck up, because it’s going to be powerful + intense. It’s rare that great change comes with quick fixes - basically, a band-aid won’t heal a deep wound, ya dig? If you want to live your best life and be connected to your human experience like never before, it’s gonna take work, and most likely an investment, be it time, money, or both. It’s an investment in your beautiful self.

Allow me to share one of my own personal experiences. Spring this year, I reached out to a spiritual coach to help me upgrade my spiritual path. I’d been struggling with getting into a daily practice that worked for me and really wanted to amplify my connection to Divine/ Source Energy. The coaching series that I enrolled in included 12 weekly calls over 3 months for $4000. My jaw practically landed on the damn ground when I heard the cost. I didn’t have $4000!!! And if I did, I was thinking of all the ways I’d like to spend it… *beautiful handbags and new tattoos dance around in my mind* 


BUT, spending on those other things would not help me be any better at meditating or connecting to my heart + soul!

I wanted to embody this improved version of myself SO FREAKING BAD. I had tried getting there all on my own with no luck. I’ve read spiritual books, listened to hypnotherapy, received energy work, gone to yoga, etc but I wanted more. I was so frustrated and I knew I needed to enlist help. Working with a coach was exactly what I needed to: 

  • grow + expand my spirituality

  • push + hold myself accountable 


When I paid the $4 grand, I wasn’t investing in my chosen coach. I was investing in myself. I chose that I am worth that. I decided that having skin in the game would ignite me to show up for myself + do the work + go deep. I spent an amount of money that made me feel uncomfortable because I saw the value in the discomfort. The growth I so desperately wanted would in and of itself be uncomfortable, so the first step was shelling out an amount that made me cringe. It was my way of telling God/Universe, “Hey, I’m pretty damn serious about this, I’m summoning the courage to expand and here’s my contribution!”

I chose to go all in FOR MY SELF. I chose to BET ON MYSELF. 

Spending that amount on myself in that way, scared the shit outta me. I couldn’t even bring myself to tell my husband for weeks! That being said, I knew I had to get every ounce of goodness out of my time with my coach and that I would do whatever work we set forth together. There was NO WAY I was going to have spent that much $$ and not:

a) be on time for every phone call 

b) be authentic with my desires/goals, be open + learn 

c) get the growth that my spirit was demanding.

I have no regrets about my investment and am pleased to report that I got exactly what I needed from the 12 weeks of coaching.

If you’re considering working with a coach, be it me or any other, ask yourself, “What’s my transformation worth?” 

I dare you to meet your edge like the courageous + strong + beautiful human I know you are. 


You will not regret inviting more vibrancy + love + self worth into your life, when you make the choice to be a higher quality you.

Sending you peace + love + joy

Blessed Be,


Ginger ParkerComment