What the Fuck is Sage?


I think this is a pertinent question of our times. What’s all the hype? Well, I’d like to help shed some light on this sacred tool and WHY it is getting a ton of publicity.

First things first - the basics: Sage is a plant. In the plant kingdom, sage comes from the family of Lamiaceae and genus being Salvia. (side note, Salvia comes from a Latin word, “salvare” which means “to heal”) There are over 900 species!! 900!! So, when people talk about sage in the smudging world, they are referring to the plant being dried and bundled. The most common type of sage used in bundles is White Sage. Although, there are many bundles being created these days which incorporate a variety of other dried herbs or flowers such as lavender, rosemary, cedar copal, sweetgrass, etc.

So why should you care about some dried ass plant leaves all bundled up?


Burning herbs for dissipating negative/stagnant energy has been being practiced for hundreds if not thousands of years. White Sage in particular has been long favored by Native Americans and grows commonly in the American Southwest and Northwestern parts of Mexico. When a bundle is lit, starts to smolder and burn, the smoke wafts about and it changes the energy around you. Sage is often burned ceremonially to heighten spiritual awareness, deflect evil energy, and to bless/purify people, places, and things.


I’ma hit you up with some science:

Positive ions are bad for business and they’re all around us - practically infiltrating us at every opportunity. Positive ions come from electronics, pet dander, pollution, chemicals, mold, and much more. The human body is made up of negative ions - the human body no likey positive ions. So get this, smoke from sage releases NEGATIVE IONS, which helps counteract the yucky positive ions! Not only does the smoke improve air quality (I know, sounds like an oxymoron) but, scientists discovered that the smoke also can enhance a person’s mood! BAM! Bye, bye shitty vibes, helllllooooooo good feels.

It’s been around forever, so why is everyone freaking out about sage now? I believe our world is in a spiritual revolution. We are tired with the bad vibes accosting us from our tvs, radio, celebrities, world affairs, etc. We want to change the narrative to a happy one. I’m guessing YOU do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Sage is a simple, yet highly effective way to take responsibility for how you feel.

Get yourself a bundle, light that shit up, think happy thoughts, and repeat. Dance in the smoke and allow it to cleanse you of the things that no longer serve you.

Feels good, amiright?


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